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Welcome to Car Removal Melbourne Vic

Car Removal Melbourne Vic: We Give Cash For Unwanted Cars

car removal melbourne

A hearty welcome to Car Removal Melbourne Vic, one of Melbourne’s leading car removal organizations. We remove cars and offer cash-yes, cash of up to $8999 – for them.

If you have a ruined vehicle on hand, sell it to our salvage company. We will relieve you of it almost as soon as we receive your call. We have a place for it, no matter what make it is. Give us a buzz, and receive our immediate assistance.

Looks do not matter to Car Removal Melbourne Vic. Offer us vehicles damaged beyond repair on a platter, and we will take them. We are not concerned with how badly wrecked they are, as long as they are complete.

Salvaging Simply Explained

Car removal is the process of taking a used or dilapidated vehicle apart and recycling its used components. The steps may vary from one company to another. We have been facilitating car recycling for over a decade.

Like other car removal companies, we engage in car wrecking, supplying spare parts, dismantling, and vehicle recycling. Vehicles, even though out of commission, have recyclable materials. We firmly believe that every car, working or not, is useful.

The recycling process is a complicated one that involves the removal of hazardous materials. It begins with a scrap yard like Car Removal Melbourne taking inventory of the car’s spare parts. The yard drains the vehicle of all fluids before removing high-value parts such as alternators, electronic modules, starter motors, infotainment systems, and engines. It then sells these parts to motorists if they are in working condition.

The yard then flattens the remainder of the vehicle and transports it to an industrial shredder, which removes rubber from it before reducing it to small chunks of metal for recycling.

Car Removal Melbourne Vic: We Embody What You Want in a Car Remover

Having been established for over a decade, Car Removal Melbourne has extensive knowledge of the car removal industry.

We believe that customers’ needs are paramount. We know what clients want most when they sell their used cars. They will not want to exchange their used car for another, costlier new one. Instead, they prefer to use the money to buy the things that mean most to them.

Our intimate knowledge of the car removal industry enables us to offer our clients some of the best prices in Melbourne. We value honesty and will inspect your vehicle, from one inch to another, before quoting a price that indicates its actual worth. We will bear every feature in mind.

With life moving at an increasingly frenetic pace, customers are crying out for convenience. That is what Car Removal Melbourne provides. We make the car removal process too easy to believe. We come to you, wherever you are and are just a phone call away. Car Removal Melbourne takes your mechanical burden away within a short three hours of your request, for free. We complete the necessary paperwork for you so that you will have no fuss at all.

Further, selling your car yourself is a tiring process. Finding a buyer for a used car is a herculean task; finding one for a damaged vehicle is nearly impossible. We relieve you of this headache.

Taking apart used cars does not mean having to use hazardous pollutants. Car Removal Melbourne Vic is a staunch supporter of the environment. We refuse to use chemicals that may harm it in any way. Or salvaging process is safe and pollutant-free.

We focus on developing impeccable service standards. A well-trained staff is always on hand to answer your requests. Our truck drivers are some of the most experienced available; they will tow your car away in no time at all.

Car Removal Melbourne Vic Has The Most Convenient Car Removal Process in Melbourne

Our car removal process is so quick and efficient that you will wish that you had turned to us sooner. Call us, and have your car removed within a few short hours.

You can kick things off with a quick phone call, or by filling up our online quote form. Give us the best description of your car that you can. It will help us come up with an accurate estimate of its value.

After giving you an idea of your vehicle is worth, our experts will pay you a visit. We will examine your car thoroughly, taking all its installations into account, before making you a final offer for it.

You will receive payment at the point of sale. While some car removers may impose charges for towing vehicles, Car Removal Melbourne Vic removes them at no cost to customers.

We find the best use for your car

You may wonder what we do to your vehicle. Melbourne’s laws state that owners are responsible for their vehicles as long as they hold Proofs of Ownership of them. We appreciate this concern and assure you that we salvage cars completely. You will not be liable for yours after the process is over.

We will haul your vehicle to one of our salvage yards, where we will dismantle it using specialized equipment only available to licensed Victoria wreckers. We will then make its working components available to anyone who needs them. There will be a use for your car, no matter how wrecked it is.

What Types of Cars Do We Tow Away?

Every car matters to us. We do not have any preferences for brands. Bring us your Protons, Toyotas Nissans, BMWs, Mazdas Holdens, Subarus, and Suzukis. We have ways to use every car. It does not matter what model or make it is.

Large vehicles do not faze us either. If you have an unwanted SUV, 4WD, truck or van taking up space in your garage, let Car Removal Melbourne Vic free it up for you. You can get cash for a large vehicle in the same way you do for a car.

Our Services

What does our wrecking company have to offer? A whole lot.

We take in old, unwanted, used, wrecked, registered and unregistered cars. We will have a place for them in one of our salvage yards.

We have a broad range of vehicle components available at our yards as well. New installations may cost more than a car. Why buy them when old ones will do? Feel free to comb through our extensive collection.

What you need to do before selling your car to us

Before you part with your vehicle, nake sure that you clear it out completely. Do not leave anything behind.

Have your Proof of Ownership or Driver’s License ready. We will need to validate your ownership of the vehicle, and show that we have bought it from you. Do make space for our tow truck as well.

Contact us

Free yourself of the metal eyesore that is utilizing needed garage space. Call us at 0409 526 398 today, and we will empty that space for you. We will remove your vehicle straight away, and turn it into the cash you need.

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